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50lb braid + Diawa Demon Blood 64?


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I have an Ecoda Hornet HS10000 loaded with 50lb braid.


I am looking for a versatile rod ~6'6" long for large SP work, jigging, live baiting, bottom bashing, trolling etc. I was recommended the Demon Blood 64, however it is only rated PE 2 - 4. I was under the impression that 50lb is >PE4 and so was wondering if I am exceeding the specs for the rod?

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Yeah Matt, thats what I am now thinking. The max drag for the reel is 25kg but that is ridiculous, 10 - 15kg is the maxumum anybody can reasonably apply and not get pulled overboard. I tend to fish my gear well within its operating limits so prefer lighter rather than heavier drags. Might still be at the maxiumum for this rod but will probably be OK.

Have just looked at a Fin-Nor Offshore 80 and this is pretty similar (but only 5'6" lenght)

Out of curiosity, what rod do you use?

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It's an older 6'6" I think monster mesh, rated 9kg drag but I have run more then 10kg over it more then a few times, hasn't exploded yet.

Like the softer rods

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