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3 species in one night


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Hi guys,

Just thought i'd let you know about my last outing. Nick and I packed up the car after celebrating a good win on saturday night and headed down to the coast on sunday..... a little dusty.

Stopped off at Batemans bay to try and pick up some livies off the warf but the tide was powering through so we decided a block of pillies would have to do for the night.

We got to the break wall at Moruya after dark and trudged up to the end. Which was a bit of a laugh as my mate is in a space boot with a broken foot. The idea was to see if anything was lurking in the eddie at the end of the wall on the run out tide. We set up a couple of paternoster using whole pillchard on one and cubes on the other, and began the wait. :)

On a side note, a hell of alot of shooting stars. Did anyone else find that?

It wasnt long before there was a few bounces on one of the rods. In came what I called a carpet shark (please feel free to correct me as I think thats a Kiwi term. Looks like what we call a dog fish in the UK.) Back she went.

About 45 mins later there was a huge thump on my beach caster then nothing. I watched....waiting for a run... another bounce... anything. Not even a twitch. So I thought I'd better rebait. Sweet jesus it was heavy!

Bloody sea weed in the run out...? Then off it went, some massive thumps and took some 50lb line off the spool. It was a banjo shark, pushing the meter mark.

Its the first one I have caught. Do they always make a baking noise?

anyhoo, back she went. We also called it a night. Time for a power nap :)

On the way back down the wall we found some pretty big pools of blood where some one had clearly been having some luck in the breakers. So out went a couple of pillies. Man the salmon were on the chew! Everytime the fog rolled in our rods went off. Being half asleep we werent effecient, but pulled in 2 at 55cm and lost 2 about the same size on the winch up the wall.

Really good night. Might have to get down there again before the baby comes along in August :D

Here is me and my mate the barking ray.


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