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Soapy Saturday


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Went out this morning to my local spot to persist with the jewfish addiction and try and pull at least a soapy out.

Ticked that off the never ending list this morning first cast. Stoked!

Few quick snaps and went back into the toxicated mud of GR to grow into a 10kg trophy :icon_peace:

hopefully can pull a few ones out in the near future and find some bigger ones while i'm at it.

Caught the 51cm beast ( :bleh: ) on a pro lure fishtail, very very deadly lure at the moment for me, working a treat on a number of species

cheers guys,


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Onya matty!

Knew you'd get one! Gotta get some of those fishtails. They look the goods!

Now get out there and get that metery :icon_peace: Will be interesting to see which one of us gets there first ;)

Cheers, Tom

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Go Matty go.

Jewfish on plastic in the day time land base. It's the Meka of fishing one of the hardest things to do in fishing. And you cracked it well done mate. Show us older guys a thing our two. Beny mattys catching up lol

haha yeah i know its good wish i was at his level at his age top stuff

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