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South coast tips


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Hey All.

Looking for any helpful tips for the south coast area. Land based

Places I have been targeting - Windang-Lake Illawarra, Kiama, Gerringong, Gerroa.

I've been experimenting with both soft plastics and hard bodies and blades. I'm still pretty new to the game and looking for any tips on good spots and what is best targeted.

So far I've only had some luck off the rocks at the northern end of Werri beach with a couple nice size Drummer using cunji, and one flatty from the georges river on a soft plastic.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!!

Cheers guys.


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I usually hit up Woonona, Bulli and Coalcliff rock ledges but I have been on a break for the last 6 weeks.

Salmon , bream, tailor and tarwhine are still out there (apparently) as well as Blackies in the right spot and even the odd drummer.

Might find the motivation to hit out this weekend,,,,,,I have been moping about after a few quiet expeditions.

Good luck down south

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Personally I do most of my fishing land based from the rocks, and I mainly target salmon, tailor and bonito. To find those and other predatory pelagic species just try and find some deep water, preferably without too many snags and cast and retrieve the metal slices/baitfish lures. Diving minnows are the most productive for me.. eventually when theres a school around you're almost garuanteed a hit!! Alternatively rig some pilchard or squid off ganged hooks and stick them off a float for similar results. Once they grab your bait or lure it's good sport, they'll put up a bit of a fight before you get them up, but it's probably get yourself a rod that's good for up to 33lb (15kg) with similar strength line and a wire trace or you'll bust off a bit! Salmon aren't the best eating, even after they've been bled but Bonito is beautiful, and more importantaly they're good fun when you're land based.

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