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Fishing Darling Harbour


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Might be a silly question but I am wondering if you are able to fish in darling harbour?

If so is it any good? I will be mainly fishing the arvo/night

Just curious as I will be sent up there work a work related course and was thinking of somewhere to fish near my Wynyard based hotel.

I know the harbour bridge wharfs do ok but am more curious about darling harbour.


El Feroz

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Unfortunately Darling Harbour is NO FISHING. There are a couple of ferry wharves around the area that are open to fishing but aren't particularly productive from my experience. There's a significant fine for fishing in there so best to play it safe. Always fun walking around seeing schools of 40+ bream all over the place!

Cheers, Tom

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You may get caught. Those fish eat anything. Pyrmont wharf has a sign that says keep this wharf open for fishing but right behind it is another sign that says no fishing permitted. I threw bread in there and the bream were brutal. Its tempting to take plastics and use that signage as leeway but risky stuff.

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