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Port Hacking


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Headed to near Deer Park early this morning, a bit cool travelling against the wind.

The wind was a pain in the arse, blowing behind me, then from the side, then front on, swirling around all the time. Caught the reddies, trevally and jackets there. The jackets are not big, lost nearly a dozen hooks to them, they just grabbed the squid baits on a small longshank and chewed the hook off at the same time. If the jackets were not taking the bait, it was the plague of little reddies, under the 10cm size, but, that shows that the reddies have been breeding recently to have so many little ones about at this time of year.

When the tide turned and started to run up, pumped some nippers and drifted about. Caught the bream and one whiting on Lilli Pilli flats, and the other whiting and flattie near the ballast heap flats. Much time between bites.

A couple of feeds there, but that is about 6 hours fishing, so the bites are slowing down. Water is becoming cooler, not a fish to be seen jumping anywhere.


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