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Happy midnight sun


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Happy Midnight sun "day" you too!!! Even you have winter there.

We have tomorrow day, when sun not set night. :sun:

We go to Saija parent`s cottage, eat barbegue, smoke Sturgeon fish, maby salmon and zander, sausages.......

And fishing next 4 days :gathering::fishing1:

Like old finnish skijumper says: "Life, is human best time"

Jani, Saija and Vili

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I hope you have a great 4 days of fishing, Jani! Happy Midnight Sun day!! YUM!! Your BBQ sounds terrific!!

I remember it well when I was in Hammerfest back in '77 - I even went out on a fishing charter in the northern most town in the world (if you don't count Soviet Military camps!) It was terrific - and we just used hooks that had a bit of plastic on it - even back then! Literally - just a bit of plastic tube that covered the hook & hung down about 2-3cm, cut off at an angle & we caught all our fish on that!!

ALl the best to you & Saija & Vili



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