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Sugerloaf bay - the steps


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Early morning and late afternoon you should be able get yakkas if you burley up. I find fishing unweighted small pieces of prawn an squid fished amongst the burley to be good on the yakkas. You'll pick up bream and trevally doing this as well.

Once you get the yakkas I'd put one out on the bottom and one under a float. Salmon and tailor will take the livie under float and you'll have a chance at flathead and jewfish on the bottom.

If I were to fish baits here I'd target bream and trevally. Unweighted prawns will do the job. Just work the shoreline and don't cast way out. The better bream are in close.

Cheers, Tom

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The best access to the steps is down from Cammaray rd on the bend where it meets Emerstan drive there is a gate and a 4wd track down if your lucky and the gates unlocked you can drive in a little way before the track narrows then walk down to the point where the steps are

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In the last week I have seen decent kings (85cm-1m) swim past within 2 m of the shore line down at the park at end of willis rd.. Like clock work between 330 an 4pm. And was astonished to see a big blue grouper down there in about 2 m of water it would have been between 80cm -1m I didn't realise you got mature ones so far up stream

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