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DIMSC - Everything but the Snapper &*&%^%$$#@!@$%^&!


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I fished the Dave Irvine Memorial Snapper Classic in Coffs at the beginning of the month with a good mate and raider, Chewie, and my father. Had a fantastic time but, I ended up with no snapper.....yes, that's right, not a single red. Lots of other red fish, the dreaded red rock cod came over the side in abundance. I must have caught 15+ of those each day but not the target species. And, one of those bastards stung me so I was in quite a bit of pain for a couple of hours......

Fortunately, the rest of the crew were on the money and pulled the boat into the top third of the team rankings, no thanks to me. We fished hard and had some variable weather too but the trip wasn't without its rewards though, as a couple of the following pics highlight. Aside from the excellent by catch, I did come home with a few prizes in the form of a Terez/Stradic 3000 combo and a Hobie pro angler 12 as the second major prize for the lucky entrant draw. An excellent outcome in anyones book.

I fished half the time with a new t curve pro spin and certate 3012 and the rest of the time with a tescata and twinpower 4000 combo. Both excellent gear for the task. If only the operator had a bit more skill!

Sorry about the formatting, its about as good as my snapper fishing ability.








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Congrats mate,

still sounded like a great time and to score the Hobie was a real bonus.



Thanks Paddy. It was a tremendous bonus to win the hobie which was in fact an Adventure Island, the sailing model. I mentioned the rep from Motackle who had sponsored the prize that I had been looking at buying a pro angler 12 and they said I could take one of them and option it up to the same value of the Adventure Island. Excellent guys. I'll think I will manage to get over my lack of reddie success.

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Well done erroll!

Such a top bloke catching all those red neds so your mates could catch snapper.

Karma paid you back with some great prizes so it was worth it.



Thanks Grant, it was a dirty job, but someone had to do it. They tell me there is a bag limit on those things....... It's sure working.

The yft didn't make it back into the drink, shame. The 97cm kingie on my snapper combo was awesome, a good 15mins chasing that guy in foul seas off the lighthouse was a credit to Chewie's wheel skills. Unlike the 10kg cuttle which fought like a rock.

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Geez, u think one of your mates could have said hold this rod Errol. Lol. Great report mate and congrats on the token prize! I'd be happy with that!

Cheers scratchie!!!

Thanks Scratchie, I am stoked. We had an excellent time up there. As the cliche goes, "it was a team effort" so my mate and father can use the yak anytime. I gave the Terez/stradic combo which is lovely and white to the Missus. She didn't get it! I did try.

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What a top weekend. The quality of fish you caught on that snapper combo was amazing. I think i might need to get one myself!

The Black cod on the Gulp that bricked you, then we got back out was pretty epic. Dont forget to enter that in the lure record section! And a 97cm king on the snapper gear was AWESOME!

Bring on next year!

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Erroll you champ, i bet your stoked what a haul and --the prizes you won thats even more impressive, well done! What was the line rating of terez rod and :Dwhich srtadic 3000 was it the ci4?

Anyways happy 4 you man!!!!!!!

Tight lines!, Shakeel

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Thanks Shakee, yes mate, I am over the moon. The yak should be arriving this week. I have 30lb on the certate which did most of the damage. I was using and 20lb on the twinpower. The Terez/Stradic combo is all white. Not the ci4" but the previous generation white bodied FG. It looks to have 20lb on it. It looks pretty cool in a feminine sort of way so I have given it to the other half. Hopefully she will, use it. It's great comp being all c&r and lures only focused in one species, good atmosphere too. I enjoyed that more than the TBFT in Port Stephens, even though I rate fishing there highly too and it's obviously a lot closer.

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