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Flushing fuel tank


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Hi all

I have scored a cheap used 60l cruisetank i will be picking up tomorrow. In prep i have bought a nice new fuel filter and hoses.

What is the best way to flush the tank before use?

Is it simply a swirl with metho and dry overnight?

I want to ensure there are no issues after install.



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G'day Paul

From what I've read, cover your draining bucket with a coffee filter or stocking. Pour in alcohol, leave for 30mins to break up any sediment. Come back and swirl around the tank and pour through filter/stocking into the bucket.

Then repeat process until there's no more gunk left in the filter in the bucket, and dry the tank over night.

I also tie a chux over any openings with a rubber band while drying over night to prevent moths and the likes. Hope that helps.

Cheers Leo

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Best thing to clean a fuel tank is clean fuel. Empty it out then fill it with a couple of litres good clean fuel and wash it around. Do this a few times till its clean. Then there's no need to dry it out.

That's how I've done mine anyway and it worked a treat. 130 l ss tank so it took some doing ...

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If you want a trouble free fuel tank then other than just washing it out, remove all the hardware and clean the pick up filter (if fitted) and replace the seals or O rings. If you use metho or alcohol then you need to flush it out several times because dislodged gum may not be entirely free and could clog stuff up after a couple of tanks of fuel pass through.

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