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Not A Bad Morning

Phar Cue

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Got out on the water with mate Bez this morning on Phar Cue my little 4.5m Markham Whaler at about 6.30. Great conditions as we left the Heads and shot up to a little favorite spot somewhere between Manly and Palmy. Cubed up and in no time had a nice Red of about 45cm.

We kept up the cube spread with the current running about 8 knots and Bez is on with what we thought was a ray. Low and behold we see colour and up comes a little Bronzey. He had one look at the boat and was off like a wounded bull. Finally got him on the boat for a quick photo, removal of our hook (and someone elses) and back in the drink.

Wind was about 10 knots with just a bit of bite in it. More cubes were thrown in to the excitement of a fat Tern who just wouldn't leave us alone and 'Bang' Bez is on again. Another nice Reddie of about 55cm was hauled on the deck.

More cubes go in and Bez is on again. Line starts tearing off the TLD 15, lock up and suddenly 'Crash', out of the water comes a beautiful little Mako about 4ft cartwheeling behind the boat. It was awsome, little bugger launched a number of times about 5-6 foot in the air before.............. you guessed it, 'ping', his little K9's cut the 7kg mono.

It all quietened down after that (funny that) so we headed south along the cliffs in search of some Salmon just to finish up a great morning. But, no Salmon anywhere. Decided to head home pretty satisfied with the session and tonight's dinner should be sensational.





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Hey Tom hows things mate!....I saw 'Phar Cue' & thought this has to be Tom.. :074:

Looks like better conditions than that storm You, Bez & I got stuck in at SWR this year!... :badair:

Good fish!


Hey Rod

Nah it was gem conditions. Where were you?

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