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hobie kayak fishing port hacking


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I have just purchased a hobie outback kayak, is there any kayak fisherman out there who can show me the ropes around fishing in port hacking or botany bay. this is my first kayak so any advice would be much appreciated. :banana:

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Thanks for the reply I had my first taste of kayaking at Grays Point on Thursday and had a terrific time. i found the Hobie Outback to be so easy to peddle and to go at such a good pace. I also found that the seating was very comfortable and the kayak felt very safe and stable with heaps of room inside. I made myself a T.loader out of an old Aldi bike rack.to load on top of my 4 wheel drive and it works ok. I hope to see you out on the water soon as i carn't use it till next week owing to previous commitments. thanks again

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