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Good week to arrive in Sydney.............mmmm


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Moved to Sydney this week from Vancouver - it seems like it rains more here than in Vancouver!! Hope it starts to dry up next week

Quick question:

Are there any tackle shops that sponsor FR at the moment? I could not find mention of any current ones on the site and,

Could someone recommend a good tackle shop in my area, I'm staying near Hornsby

Please PM ANY REPLIES to stick to the site rules!


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Welcome to Oz! You did pick the time of year well. On the plus side there are some fish that love the colder weather. We are very lucky to have some northern species which are right at home in the cold weather like Rainbow and Brown Trout west of Sydney over the Blue Mountains in the sweet water and several species in the salt which can be targeted successfully at this time of year like Mulloway, hairtail, luderick, and the humble bream and flathead (which are not as prolific as in the warmer months but still worthy of attention. I think you will enjoy yourself here.


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