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Intermediate Flyline


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You should call in to the site sponsor Bass Angler. They are just next door to you at Penrith. They also offer discounts to Fishraiders on some gear!

Australian Bass Angler 103 -107 Batt Street Penrith NSW 2750

Telephone 02 4721 0455

There is a link to them at the top of the page.



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Guest bluecod
Looking at purchasing an intermediate sinking fly line for salt/w.

I would like to hear your preferences and if you have used or prefer a sink tip line?

For use off a boat mainly.



I'd start SWoffing with an intermediate - I'm still a novice but I find the sink tip a bit unweildly when casting from a pitching boat. The sink tip will shoot further and push into a stronger wind, but, personally I have difficulties in getting the fly to turn over correctly. I am probably releasing the cast too early, but at this stage I find the Intermediate line is easier to use.

To give you some idea, when on dry land I can shoot the full [sink tip] fly line but from a boat I can only manage about 60 feet and it will often fall on top of itself in a heap.

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I have a WF floating line I use wading sandflats but after I get the new boat will be going after the salmon kings etc. on fly.

Been in the backyard pool counting sink rates for my flies and looking at maybe getting a 300 or 350ips as well.

I guess the quality of the top brands are pretty close? Not sure.

Fly lines are a bit expensive to buy and try and find out you dont really like it. [i got caught once, a few years ago I purchased a flyline for trout recommended from a salesperson in a fly shop and it was absolute crap].

Looking forward to a day casting course next month, hoping to improve the technique.

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Good choice of line Weiry I have a teeny nymph co. lefty 10 weight intermediate & its a nice line for sure.


Hey Ken,

I like the feel of the Inter. line. I also have the Lefty floating in an WF8 Im really happy with that line also.

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