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Save Little Manly Boat Ramp

Marky mark

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Urgent call to arms for all Boaters!

Manly Council are in the process of quietly re-zoning and selling off houses at Little Manly Beach which will result in loss of access and closure of the boat ramp, the only boat ramp on the northern side of the harbour until Roseville. This is another short term profit for Council that will result in a permanent loss of access for boaters.

We don't like it and we need your help to show the Council they have mis-judged the will of the community. For too long boaters and fishers have been ignored and milked as cash cows, my boat licence renewal arrived last night and its gone up again! Boat and trailer rego, fuel, bait, tackle, taxes, rates, parking... We want some return for all this spending and its pretty simple, give us somewhere to launch!

There is a rally on next weekend, we need to get plenty of fishers and boaters there to show the Council that lots of different groups of people oppose this for practical reasons. At this stage all the detail I have is below, happy to update as info comes to hand.

Rally - To Keep Little Manly Public
Date: High Noon, Saturday the 13th of July
Place: In front of Manly Council Chambers.

There is already a group formed to oppose this move and they have the following website and facebook pages



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The for sale signs are going up already, Council are assuming no one cares about this ramp! Join me and let's prove them wrong next Saturday 13 July at 12 noon at the front of Manly Council chambers.

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