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Starlo Stix TP 732 Lite Spin Rod sale


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G'day people,

Been looking for a light plastics rod to match to my Soron 2000 9 (6lb braid) as it currently has a 3-5kg Soron rod on it which is probably a bit heavy for breaming and flathead chasing on the flats.. Seen the above rod at half price at a certain daily Shimano discount site. Looks about right for the light stuff but thought I would get some opinions on it as there are no reviews around. PM me if you want the site to get yourself one, thanks.

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In my opinion the Starlo STP series went downhill when they decided to downgrade all the components to lower the cost, I would not recommend them.

If you want something good at a decent price I would look at the Pflueger Trion.

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I have owned one for a few years and it is a great blade rod and it must be tough as I have not broken it yet.

Have landed my pb flathead on 3 Pnd trace so it has a cushiony action and gets used as my back up flats bream rod.

It is not as sensitive as some other mid range rods but at $64 I would even consider getting a spare

Cheers Gibbo

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