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boat covers


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I had a mobile guy do my cover, clears and an extra curtain to enclose the cabin while we slept on the water. I am still impressed with hes work after 5 years.

excellent job & fair priced.

send me a PM if you want he's details


before he started he asked if I wanted it to store or travel of course I didn't want it to travel with the hight of the hard top it would be like towing a parachute

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Hi, it comes down to price so without knowing what you want to spend hard to comment. We sell a lot of the Oceansouth ones and they are well priced and the "semi-custom" range ones are good at around $350. A custom made one off one will set you back about 5 times what one in the box will so again hard to comment without knowing if you want to spend about $350 or in excessive of $1,500.



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Have always gone the custom fit full covers. They are a dream to fit, especially on the lager boats.

Depending on the size of the boat and if it is tall or short will depend on if the cover can be left on when towing.

I live down south and have always used Streamline Boat Covers. But there are others about that will come to your door.

In my opinion, for the extra, say $1500.00 (as Huey has mentioned) it is well worth the money to cover your investment and not have to be either be baling water out of your cover or it collecting leaves from the nearby trees.

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Streamline covers are by far the best that I have ever used. Located at Kirrawee they do things that no one else seems to think of.

I recently had the existing cover on my new Tournament 1800 modified by them after I fitted a rocket launcher. Not only did they fit it around the Launcher legs but they also fitted fabric "gutters" at the top of the cover where it went around the legs. This largely prevents rain water getting into the boat via the area around the legs.

Can not recommend them highly enough.



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