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Anyone fished humps lately


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Mate they were considerate. They would only snip the mono trace off an leave my braid alone.

We tried from 60 m deep all the way into the shore.

We trolled back up along the coast line and got one rat king and a bonnie.

Had ago around marly on the sand and you guessed it. Lost more rigs.

I fish last sat in the rain all day and that was more fun then spending the whole day re rigging like I did today.

If you go tomorrow I hope you have better luck than we did.

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Went out yesterday and leather jackets were in plague proportions. I lost a dozen sinkers and rigs, around 150 of braid and decided that was enough so ended up going closer to shore where they weren't as much of a problem. Damn pests they really are. Drop down a rig and before it even hits the bottom your line goes slack. They bite the line only a few meters below the boat.

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