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G'day Fellas,

Any help is appreciated, please be generous as you were once a rookie like me as well.

Hi guys,

my name is Charlie and I am 14yrs old and live in pymble, Sydney NSW.

I have always fished but not consistently. My grandparents have a house in Hawks Nest and when i was younger I always used to soak a line for little flatties, whiting and bream land-based. Have never had a boat. I have done a bit at the beach there with no luck. In sydney I haven't done much other than at bobbin head for very small fish. have never really been committed however I do get excited for short periods and try, however my failure tends to put me down. I have been researching lb spots with not much luck, today My brother an I went down to bobbin head and were adventurous enough to head past apple tree bay to a wooden bridge, however it was low tide and only very very shallow. Nothing was caught unfortunately. I am really looking forward to some help on rigs, rods, bait, lures, squidgies, locations and tips and tricks :)

I have a Pioneer vanadium 7ft combo.. I am open to suggestions and advice. Please do share spots I would really appreciate it, pm if you want. Im willing to fish anywhere. keep in mind that I do know how to fish well but nee to know some spots... I would love to target kings, jews, flatties, sambos... I am at the point where I am realising that catching big fish is rewarding however catching small fish on light tackle is just as goof :)

Thanks so much for your time and suggestions.. i can also go beach fishing as dad, who went off fishing because he gave up after no luck as a huge alvey, however the reel is hard to use.. am thinking of getting a spin for it :)

Charlie :)

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G'day Charlie.

I think asking something like "I am really looking forward to some help on rigs, rods, bait, lures, squidgies, locations and tips and tricks"

would take up a lot of someones time to answer fully.

You could try using the search function at the top right of the page. There is a heap of info stored in our pages so

reading as much as you can while you are on holidays will help you a lot.

Then maybe asking a specific question rather than a whole bunch together may get you a reply or two.

Good luck.



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