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Marine Zones App

Catchin Jack

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Came across this today, it's called "Marine Zones" and is only available for iOS at present BUT they are looking to have an android version ready by summer.

This app shows you where no fishing zones are and also alerts you when you go into the zones.

Here's link to their site CLICK HERE

This app could save you getting fined, worth checking it out and testing.

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That app looks great but what I read its only for sth east QLD???

Is that right? Or did I need to look a little further. That would be heaps handy for me at port stephens.

Cheers scratchie!!!

G'day Scratchie

I saw an add for this app on a fishing show and I'm sure they said they would have the app covering Australia wide by the end of the year. I'm eagerly waiting as well.

Cheers Leo

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