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first time squidding


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Headed down to the local wharf and did the usual tactics of prawns and pilchards on gang hooks.

No success but did managed a couple tiny snapper. After a along gap between this i decided to try out a yo zuri lure i had found.

I was not expecting anything until a squid hit the lure and i managed to land it.

Anyway i froze the squid (is this what your supposed to do) and what wondering how i should use it and what fish i could target with it. Any a advice would be helpful e.g tackle.

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Jewfish are always keen for squid, they love the stuff, there is a full detail how to here on fishraider where many a good fisho has given great advice. Other things that will take it are salmon, tailor, snapper, and pretty much everything else will have a go at it if you torn it into strips. A small hook and a running sinker to a swivel with an extra 30cm of leader will catch you bream, whiting, flatheads and chopper tailor. I have also had largish Jews take them off this rig as soon as it hot the water. just rig up that on a 2-4kg rod with a 2000-3000 reel with 6-8lb braid and 6-8lb leader and you should be right.

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Squids are good for everything really, if you can keep them in the fridge even for 4 / 5 days it is always better than freezing them, they are still good after being frozen properly tho.

For the rigs, it depends on the size of your squid, the places you intend to fish and the species would like to target.

i.e. a whole 300 gr squid would be a jewfish lollie but could also be cut in strips and result in the catch of mix bag like breams, LJ's, trevors, pigs, etc.

So if you give a bit more details on your intentions I'm sure some will be keen to help.

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