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Jackets and losing gear!


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G'day all,

I've seen a few posts on here recently and there is quite a few people having the exact same problem as me.


I have been doing quite a bit of fishing from outside Port Hacking down to Bellambi and cannot get away from them. Losing way to much gear. Starting to cost me a fortune.

What are people's thoughts on using wire traces? I have never used them before. Do you think this will work not only to maybe catch a few for a feed but to even get my baits through them to catch what I am really after.

Any tips or tricks would be great!



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I fished a bit south of Jibbon Bombie yesterday. No jackets in close but a hundred or more metres from the shore line is where they start biting, and you won't escape them unless you are lucky. They were feeding on the bottom, then swam up to the boat.

I used a wire trace, one of those store bought ones with the clip for a sinker on the bottom and 2 hook droppers. What I do is add another wire trace above the top swivel to give more protection to the line. I have caught flatties using the wire, when the jackets are not too thick, but yesterday there was no chance of that. Caught my 20 jackets, but there still was a hundred or more under the boat when I gave it away.

The clip can attach a snapper sinker, but seeing that the jackets were just under the boat, I only used a 2 ounce sinker on the dropper and size 2 longshank hooks. You will need a fairly tough bait, as the hords chew it off fairly quickly.

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I too have bought wire traces, there are plenty on ebay, you local tackle store or the online shops.

Have never had any problems with getting our quota of flatties on the wire traces and it does save a lot of money with lost gear.

There are plenty of combinations available - so just find the ones that suit.

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Jackets will attack anything that remotely looks like food inc sinkers & brass swivels.

The rig I use is the black wire traces & swivels with the sinker attached between two traces.



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