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Woronora Report


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post-19386-0-17604800-1373701210_thumb.jpgGday All

Fished the Wonni on Wednesday and Today.

On Wednesday the water was still pretty filthy after the rain but had cleared up today.

Targeted flatties around Bonnet Bay all the way up towards the Wonni RSL.

Throwing bigger sized Squidges on the drop offs.

Surprisingly I pulled a dozen or so really nice sized flatties to 80cm and a four 35-40cm bream in the 2 sessions.

It fished pretty good considering it looked like mud the week previous.

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Yeah a less of a fight when the water cools, the last few weeks especially after the rain the water was absolutely freezing and its been hard work down the woronora, I was flicking for some time to get those fish. I fished areas where the water drops from around 1m down to 4m. its a shallow system but there's still plenty of fish.

@ nbdshroom I usually get the bream on live bloodworms or any good prawn imitation plastic.

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curious to know, I just purchased a kayak to use in the Woronora. I used to put a tinny just under the bridge and travel 1km or 2 till I find the markers with faster flowing water and we used to catch some beauties. Would you recommend baits or plastics. Is it still the same and does anybody fish this side of the river. Your thoughts.

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G'day Santo try opposite the bonnet bay soccer / cricket fields, the sand flats and deeper channels hold some big flatties and I've been done over by the odd jewie as well, soft plastics are the go with the bigger the plastic the bigger the fish. Generally tho there are some big flatties all over the wonni.

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