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Friday bluefin

Grant 1874

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Hello raiders.

With the weather looking excellent for the weekend and having Friday off packed the boat and prepared to run wide of heatons. With reports of bluefin around we added my younger sister to the crew to see if we could get her onto her first sbt. We blasted out to about 800fathoms and set the spread and headed to heatons. Water looked good and was marking a fair bit of bait. We managed to pick up a couple of albies around the hill. Then we pushed out a bit wider to see if we could find anything but no luck. Then there was chatter on the radio of fish being caught around heatons, so turned to boat and began trolling towards it again. We could just see some boats on the horizon when we marked the bluefin on the sounder and sure enough the long rigger and shot gun went off.

We managed to land both fish one was 45kg and the other was around 35. Let the smaller fish go and kept one for the family.

The younger sister manage to landed one as well and she was stoked.

Bite wasn't until late in the afternoon though.

Fish Saturday as well and what a changed, covered plenty of ground and burnt a lot of fuel for nothing. Not even an albie. Weather for the weekend coming is looking crap so looks like we will have to wait before we can get out again.

Thanks for reading.

Cheers Grant


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Good work grant when I get the word off JB I will give you a call and well go out in convoy. We will probably look at getting a plane up if they come in closer, have to wait and see. The more the people we get in the better chance well have.. Happy b day for yesterday, a mega jumbo would have been a great present but maybe next time ...... Cheers Evan

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Well done mate. I was out there with you at Heatons on Friday too but decided to head back in to browns as it was getting late and missed out on the bite. Spewing when we started hearing boats hooked up on the radio.

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