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Port Hacking


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Headed out early this morning to Deer Park for the reddie and the jacket. Rather slow fishing, lost a few baits and a couple of hooks to the jackets (the bloody things are inside as well as outside).

Pumped a few nippers and drifted around a few different places for some time (only toads stealing the bait) then I found a small patch of shallow water where I found the bream and whiting, but after pulling out those, the bites stopped, Tried a couple of other spots for nothing, so headed home.

(apologies for the upside down photo, but the auto-rotate would not change it to the correct way up)


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Nice work Yowie..

I was out on Sunday afternoon and found it really slow. Water temp down to 16 has put the buggers to sleep.

I was looking for Blackfish in a couple of spots but gave up and turned to dropping a few floaters around the entrance to Yowie bay before the plague of pinkies turned up. Nice afternoon all the same

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