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River Monster

Adam Chef

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hi everyone,

Today after work arround 3pm went out in my spindrift fishing. On the way to my spot, I trolled to get some tailor to use as live bait. I kept couple. I got to my spot , cast one rod with live bait and one with fresh squid. Two hours of relaxing time, i think i had a half hour nap, no action. At about 4.45pm I was about to pack up but this is the moment when the magic happens, my rod with the live bait start to scream :D counting to ten to make sure bait is swallowed and stike, fish on!
Such a great feeling, something big on the end of the line, i couldnt stop the fish for a while, big weight on the end, keep taking my line, here im getting stress of being spooled, more drag, risk of being snapped, but fish get tired and im slowy making progress, 15-20 minutes later i see the shape (all is happening next to car ferry Breakfast Point). Stingray, weight 15kg! Such a beautifull creature, unhooked and released.
i will upload the pictures when i get to a computer.
line 20lbs with 30lbs leader



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Haha ! The mighty stingray ! Glad to hear about that enjoyment ! When you say "catching tailors to use as live bait", be careful as they have a legal size (just saying this in case you don't know) :)

Would be disappointing to get fined for a stingray I guess !

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Awesome. What a great fight it would have put up! Anytime you hear a livey go off the excitement builds! It's a great sound. And to be honest not a bad result. Not many people can say they caught a monster like that! Congrats!

Cheers scratchie!!!

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The worst is if you give them a chance to hit the bottom. Its usually game over. Ive only lost one battle with a stingray. It was absolutely unstoppable. I held the spool and got my mate to grab hold the back of my shirt so I don't go in. We both almost landed in the water. This one was weird. It was a really slow swimmer but the amount of power it had was brutal. Ive got a video of it somewhere.

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+1 for eagle rays. they are ruthless and will spool you in a heart beat. They dont suck to the bottom as much as other rays aswell.

If you ever get the pleasure of going to Narooma, off the board walk there are some giants which swim past at night, they are freaky as hell.

I wonder how hard one of those giant rays from the aquarium would pull?

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