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Gunnamatta boat ramp.


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Guest Aussie007

i would avoid that ramp unless u want your boat to bottom out on launching its really only suitable for small tinnies 3-4m this ramp is extremely shallow you will find you need to reverse your car so much your rear car wheels will be under 4 inches of water, it also gets packed

a better boat ramp is wallys wharf as mentioned but parking is a pain in the ass and the hill is steep not good for big boats unless u have a 4WD

a much better boat ramp is swollow rock its the most furthest away from the heads but plenty of parking and a beach next to the ramp to pull your boat up onto

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The beauty of Wallys Wharf, is THAT hill from the small car park down to the ramp. It tends to keep the people away who can't reverse a trailer, aren't confident etc.

Swallow Rock, yes, but crap it gets busy, and you often still have to park up that hill. Last time I went to use it, I was looking at a 2 km walk plus up that hill and a good 20 minute wait plus in queu at the ramp. Went to Wally's Wharf, put straight in and walked 200M

The one at Yowie Bay where Andrew Shorts Marina was, was a good ramp with plenty of parking, No Hill !, unfortunately waiting time could be a bitch.

The other issue with both it and Swallow Rock, is the 8knot zone to get out of the Hacking, you can miss most of it, by running straight to Lilli Pilli Baths, then sticking close to the rocks through the channel and coming back in to th main channel at the end of the 8knot zone. And yes ther is no issue with depth, I have run my 36'r through there at low tide.

Water St, I only ever used with my old trailer boat(540 Sig) once, there is no wharf etc so is a bit of a pain. However they launched my 36' at Water St! I was unsure when they suggested it, but no issue. And the day I was there, marine mechanics were picking up and launching several large boats

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