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Fishing under the spit bridge.. (marina side)


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Raiders, I'm pretty keen on fishing on the marina side of under the spit bridge.

Just curious to know if any one can give me any heads up about the place and maybe what to expect.

Any particular fish I could easily target there?

Any particular rigs I should be using there?

Just any advice of up to date fishing in that location would be very helpful and much appreciated.

Thanks a lot guys

Cheers :)

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They have replaced the access path under the bridge and fixed a retaining wall so I would park on the SE side an walk under to the spot. It is only worth fishing on at the top or bottom of the tide as the current is so strong. Plenty of tailor around easy to catch using a blade from the NWest side though... A few squid around the shallows and always flattys and bream in the channel.. You can pick up whitting off the beach on the SEast side of the bridge.

If you can get down for high tide at sunrise and though out livi under a float or a pilli or gar on a gang and drift it with no sinker you might pick up a king

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Thanks for that champ.

Yeah I've seen the work they've done to it, all they've done is widen the car park really.

Catch plenty of leather jacket there lately..

Just dunno what's a big worthy catch there is in these weathers. I know it's not the best season though could I be expecting anything big there this time of the year?

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