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Rats galore!


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Afternoon Raiders!

Had a quick session out of the heads on Saturday morning, got plenty of livies but with no real results until we decided to head back in trolling lures along the cliffs. initially I thought my sounder was on the fritz as there seemed to be a huge school of fish all the way along the cliff edge but then when we saw a guy fly fishing and hook up to a rat king we thought we would have a flick.

We pulled up the deep diving bibbed lures and changed over to our lighter spin gear with instant results! they were even smashing prawns when my mate Max dropped em down!!

There were literally hundreds of them, we hooked up to about 15 of them before we had to leave but it was awesome fun. All rats from 50 - 63cm so all released. It was awesome just watching them chase our plastics and waxwings competing with each other!! There must have been some big ones down there but time wasn't on our side as we had to get back for a family get together. :0(

Can't wait for them all to grow a bit bigger, bring on the summer!!

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