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Squid Jigs


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G'day All,

Iv'e been fishing for 40 years all forms and would like to start to fish for squid,would you be able to help me please in whats the best squid jig to buy and does colour make that much of a difference.



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This is what I have learnt and put into practice.

Yamashitas are one of the best, I use mostly Yamashitas and Shimanos egixile only.

If you are starting out. Consider the following:

- Outer cloth colours Pink, Orange (for use in dirty water) and Brown/gold/Nataural (for use clear water).

- Under tape colours , Red or glow is for use in low light conditions, Gold or silver to be used in day light conditions and Rainbow undertape to be use for the in between light conditions, ie cloudy.

- Weight of jig. Pick the size to suit the desire depht, sink rates factoring wind and current influences.

Good luck.

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Get some cheapies from your local department store too to throw around. I usually throw them out first to check how snaggy an area is (and you will lose a few starting out) and they actually do okay at getting squid. 2.5 is a good 'all round' weight to start off at

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Hi Tony,

I'm only new to squiding myself, however I believe the biggest factor to catching squid, is the technique. I would recommend to look on youtube etc, for japanese proven techniques as there's a number of them. Doing a slow retrieve isn't as effective as other techniques... as you will learn, squid tend to grab on to the jig as it's falling down.

In a nutshell, its almost exactly like fishing for flatties using SP, except you don't strike like a nut case when you're on, you just slowly lift your rod and keep the tension and take your time, absolutely no rush when landing squid. Also, try going at night and use Orange\Pink. I figure squid don't have big eyes for nothing!

Size of jig will depend on where you are fishing. Inshore 2.0-2.5, offshore or on rocks 3.0-4.0. Also, I would highly recommend to use slightly heavy leader, that way you won't loose your jig as often. I used to use 6lb sunline, but since losing $100's worth, I'm now using 20lb sunline.

Good luck and PM me if you need additional info.


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Some good advice there already. No doubt for me that Yamashita are the best Jigs going if you're happy to spend the $$ on them.

What jig is best really depends on the where and when but as a good starter I'd recommend maybe picking up a Yamashita 2.0 in an orange glow body for night time work around lit up wharves/jetties and a Yamashita 2.5 in the natural range with a gold body for use in day time over weedy ground. Between those two you really cant go wrong.


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Some great advice in this thread.

It really pays to learn about the light phase and water condition in regards to foil colour.

My advice is to buy your jigs from Japan as you'll have access to a wider variety of manufacturers and you'll pay significantly less than you will here.

I use Harimitsu's and I get them for $9-10 each, opposed to $30-40 here, with $13 shipping and they arrive in 3-4 days.

This is my current collection of #3.0 Harimitsu's..


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