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Wonni Flatties


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Hi All

Woronora Report for the weekend

Saturday in the 2 hours to high tide pulled 20 + flatties and 5 bream

Sunday fished the same spot in the 2 hours leading to high tide and pulled 15 flatties.

Flatties on Lemon Shad Squidges and Bream on live Blood Worms targeting drop offs.

Every flattie was well over legal with the largest going 70cm.

Im thinking and im feeling pretty confident saying this but "the larger the plastic the larger the fish"

Im not one to keep fish and this is the first time in years ive taken home any fish ive caught. it was just to good a day and I had to brag to the missus and a few mates.

Was a magic weekend weather wise to be out on the water.


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The Bonnet Bay boat ramp is still in good nic, much better then the one down the Wonni.

I agree, high tide low tide is easier at bonnet. high tide at wonni is ok but if your solo you have to park your boat at the wall so it scratches a bit, low tide is a pain with that stupid bit of concrete that has slid away from the rest of the ramp. also stupid inconsiderate people like to park their cars in front of the ramp at the wonnie whilst they picnic etc.

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