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Today is FISHRAIDERS 9TH ANNIVERSARY started on the 29th July 2004 by Mr Ken Alexander.

Thanks to all of our dedicated members and Site Sponsors that have made Fishraider the most exciting forum for fishing in this country IMHO.

Regards the Admin and Moderation Team.

BIG THANKS to Donna aka Mrsswordie and our dedicated crew of Grant,John,Leo,Hodgey and me of course.

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Congrats to admin , members and mods past and present for 9 great years :clapping: , Being a July 2004 member myself I can verify that this site has never strayed from keeping the fishing public informed, up to date, entertained and getting like minded fisho's helping each other.

Cheers Blood Knot

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Happy Birthday Fishraider :1happybday:

Special thanks to the Admin Team, Moderators, Sponsors and everyone working behind the scenes to keep this top Site going for all of us to enjoy :1clap::1clap:

I look forward to many more Anniversaries to come.

Best Regards


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Let's not forget our tireless webmaster as well for all of his efforts.

And of course all of you members. Without you there wouldn't be a site.

We really are the John West of fishing websites. The others are simply

made up of the members that we reject. That's what makes us the best!

:1happybday: to us!!!!!!!



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Yes, a bit of history here,

If I remember correctly, and I often don't.

Ken started this as a fishing and home brew knowledge base.

A big thanks to all supporters and contributors of quality information.

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