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Wednesday night madness


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Hi guys.

First time posting but long time member.

Went to warratah bay last night in the hawksburry with dad and my younger brother.got there at about 6pm.we were all prepered for good night of fishing, including dad bringing his own bait" chicken breast biught from coles" typical our friends.

Any way started to burley up and noticed hundreds and hundreds of yellow tail all around the boat so I started hauling them in one after another.

Bait tank full and we started fishing. We went live bait to the bottom for jewfish and and 3 rods at different depth for the hairtail.

We persisted through the patches of rain, lightening and thunder and got back home about 1pm with 3 hairtail around 1.5 meters long and 5 jewfish.

Lost a big jewy on a yellow tail and drop 3 hairtail at the boat.

All jewfish were caught on chichen breast. And thats no lie

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