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Trolling In & Around the Hawkesbury


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Good Morning Fellow Raiders, a nice little window of opportunity has come up for my brother and I both managing to score the day off tomorrow. so what better way to spend it than trolling a few lures in and around the Hawkesbury. lately we have a pretty good success out around Barren joey heads with some fairly big salmon and tailor but were looking to land that nice size Kingy! currently we have been trolling lures down around the 3-5 meter mark at around 10-8 km/h out off barren joey heads.

Just wondering if anyone would be able to help us out with some tips, hints or ideas on helping us land some fish. We are also thinking of trying the heads off the to left hand side of the bay as you are driving out to sea. just wondering if anyone has tried out there before and whether or not it would be worth our time trying it out. We tried off to the right hand side of palm beach last time with no success.

Any advice would greatly be appreciated

Thanks All !!!!

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next time you get tailor off the joey slow troll a live one or put it under a balloon on the left hand side off the head land look for a square free standing rock were i mentioned start there and work around the point and hang on tight there are some real monsters there at times and they love tailor or slow trolled garfish cheers gary

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