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Jervis Bay


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G'day guys,

This is the first time I've posted on here.

I will be heading down to jervis bay next weekend with a few mates, staying at Vincentia.

I was planning on doing a bit of beach fishing while I was there. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on where to go? I'm taking a mate who has never fished before, so I was thinking beach fishing would be an easier intro for him rather than rock fishing.



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Ha, thanks pomey_git, think that would give me a rush too. I don't think I have the gear to go after sharks!

Maybe I should refine my question a bit......

Im hoping to pick up some salmon or bream off the beach, are any of the beaches within the bay like Huski, Vincentia and Hyams that are worth a go?

Or should I head outside the bay to somewhere like Caves Beach?



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I've been told at huskisson they get good flatties around that river mouth there, and I assume the beaches would produce fine for other species. Been there a few times myself and checked it out, but yet to actually fish it..

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