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Trout Time In The Snowies


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For those who are interested in my all too frequent Trout ramblings, here is a report from my weekends escapades chasing Mr Speckles in the Snowy Mountains Lakes:

Day 1 - Middlingbank

Middlingbank is the closest stretch of Eucumbene to my old home base of Cooma and is usually the first spot hit when I visit there. The mountians had copped something like 5" of rain recently and it showed with the lake margins a mud bath (and the road too, much to the chagrin of a groups of anglers whose 4wd was quite solidly bogged). But it had brought the lake up a few feet and we were hoping it would induce the Trout to come in and feed on the newly covered ground. We weren't disappointed either with a number of solid Rainbows up too 1.1kg landed, mostly on shallow running minnows like the Berkley Frenzy. All the Rainbows we kept were full of Yabbies but a few were Post-Spawn and were rather thin.

Day 2 - Jindabyne

Today was my fist session in pursuit of the elusive Brook Trout. Jindabyne is one of the few lakes were they can be caught but in all my years of fishing the lakes I have never even seen one in the flesh! First off my Father and myself tried Hatchery bay, one of the better polaroiding areas. But a rather disgusting southerly was kicking up, icy cold winds off the snow capped mountains! But we persisted for a while and were rewarded with the odd Mini-Salmon showing up. The baby Atlantic Salmon, hit hard and put up a great aerial display but even on the light tackle they dont pull much. I really hope to encounter a BIG Salmon one day though.

We moved location to the nearby Wollondibby Inlet which was a bit more sheltered and discovered that it was fishing pretty good despite the water being muddied by Wollondibby Creek flowing strong. I scored our only Brown of the weekend, a spent looking 50cm fish that hit a Rapala Minnow Spin and a few Solid Rainbows showed up to make it interesting. No Brooks though were encountered but scoring a Salmon, Brown and Rainbows in the same day was pretty cool!

Day 3 - Middlingbank

Had to drive back to Sydney today but we managed to fit in a morning session back at Middlingbank. We were looking for more of the spinning action encountered earlier but for some reason the Trout switched off and we didnt even get a touch? We think it may have been due to the dropping barometer but you can't win all the time!

Sorry for the long report






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