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Outside Port Hacking


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Headed not too far outside the mouth of Port Hacking around 2.30pm, with the weather forecast stating the wind would ease during the afternoon. That did not happen, with the wind gusting straight out through the entrance.

Picked up the flatties, plus plenty of small spiky flatties as well, though the drift was not too fast. The wind increased and the flatties went off the bite.

The wind only eased not long before sun-down, but it was time to head back.

Only a couple of baits looked like they were chewed by jackets, but otherwise, none to be caught, so maybe the little bastards are moving away.


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Well earned feed dave,they have been hard to come by with those ocean piranha's hey :brucelee::brucelee: :brucelee: :brucelee::brucelee::brucelee::brucelee::brucelee:

$39 per kilo great going,will be out this week to try my luck on them too.



At Southgate fish shop last week, the flattie fillets were $50 a kilo.

Still, they tasted just nice tonight, bread crumbed and pan fried, washed down with a bottle of Riesling.

I think the blue spots taste a bit better than the duskies.


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