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Visiting Australia: Tuna?


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I'll be over on a business trip at the end of August and want to do some tuna fishing. I understand this year has been "unpredictable" at best. Any suggestions on where I should concentrate. Would like to keep it with 3 hrs or so of Sydney, but would go to Bermagui if that was best. Any suggestions on where to focus?

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There has been heaps of big Tuna caught this season all the way up our coast from eden all the way including sydney. the majority of fish have been wide of Ulladulla and Jervis Bay. It has been unpredictable as i have had 1 charter trip out and 3 trips in my own boat for Zero. Its hard to keep up where they are. If they are around sydney way you cant go past Reef Magic Charters from this site. If the fish are around the sydney area your best chance is with these fellas.


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