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Woronora, hiding some good EP

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Gday Raiders,

Well its been a long time coming but I have finally hit the water again back here at home and let me say I have hit the ground running!

Todays session consisted of targeting holes and rockwalls along the woronora in search of bream, flatties and if we were to be lucky some EP.

it didnt take long for the first hits to start occurring and both our first hook ups resulted in a bust of and an almost pantsed plastic. We kept persisting and were rewarded with some small but entertaining flatties on plasitc. Not long after this i was working my plastic nearly under the boat when a monster of a fish picked up my zman and started heading back to her rocky lair, the new reel was singing as its new partner in crime was buckled over. Thinking I had hooked an almighty bream until a large/ deep silver side and bucket mouth of an EP appeared, not panicking i slowly worker safely into the net. She measured 39.5cm and weighed well over a kilo smashing my previous PB in weight and just inching it out on length.


The water went quiet for a while and if it wasnt for small flatties and the dying winds we probably would have fished alot quicker, returing to where i picked up the previous EP I hooked a flatty which took a magnificent first run then death rolled in my line to turn it self into a stunned mullet floating up to the surface.



shortly after and on our way home, the last ditch effort paid off with another fat EP coming boatside measuring 36cm and putting up just as good of an account. other than that an easy day on the water with not a single other angler spotted...... the winter joys.

Cheers, Stu

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Thanks for the replies guys, thought i would try something new with my camera, now i cant wait for the summer and get in the water with some bass!

They were all fat EP but weren't full of roe, they looked as if they were gorging them selves after the breeding, fat and full of energy!

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Great stuff EPboy. That's a great EP and looked like a beautiful winter's day fishing man.

Just out of curiosity, what depths were you fishing at?

Haha thanks pmak but honestly I wouldn't be able to tell you the depth we were fishing at, it's all very basic fishing in my mates punt. Just the punt and an electric motor pushes us around. Just by looking at the land we were fishing deeper holes with rock walls or moored boats with any deviations in the current.

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Not too sure Brendon, probably not all that much/ if anything they will probably just need to be found. But with your boat and using your sounders all should be good when it comes to finding them. Im sure we would have faired better if we had the technology and could run and gun places.

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Great fish Bassboy........the mighty southern Barra (EP) are great little fish to catch, especially in the middle of Sydney. It demonstrates the excellent condition of some of our waterways. We might have to explore the Wonny with our new boat to find the holes for you. Can't wait to try your underwater camera with photos of my cracking Bass in two weeks time.

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