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Hercz 316 Importance of Stinger Hooks


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Sorry it is a bit of a personal message but I cannot manage to send Hercz a picture by PM (not a computer legend :)

Mate this is the importance of a stinger hook on "long" plastics, some finicky fishes will swallow the tail of your lure either because they are not really hungry, shy or whatever reason really, it doesn't matter.

Both these fishes have been caught in Watsons bay on 5.5" lures, the area is quite heavily fished and fishes are smart asses, you MUST use this kind of tricks among others if you want to increase your results.

You' will basically tie with a uni knot a bit of (whatever) 10 lb from the eye of your jig head to the tail of your lure, and attach a little "stinger" treble hook size (whatever depending on the size of your lure or the fishes you're hunting) #14 that will be pinched near the tail of your lure, not too close from it neither as it might alter its swimming.

If you have the time, as I said, stuff that extra bit of line through the plastic body as it will make it even more subtle looking and increase your hook up chances, but you'll be spewing when a shitty little lizard destroys the rig in 3 seconds when you spent 10 minutes to make it :)

Ok hope it all makes sense now, if you follow these advices as well as the one given in the PM I'm sure you'll score lots of fishes locally by the end of next summer ! I hope anyway.

If anything still isn't clear, PM and we'll try to clarify. I'm keen to help people as I would have loved to be helped when I was beginning all this shit :P, it would have saved time in the learning process !


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Definitely agree with both the snagging and the gut hooking issue. Snagging can be limited when you know your spot, I found the gut hooking to be a modest problem on the most finicky species that are often going to take the lures from the tip of the lips (whitings, breams, trev), but for undersized flatheads and choppers it undoubtedly makes some damage.

Then, you can always sacrifice your hook and leave in in the throat, they survive quite well most of the time, I'm using some eagle claws stingers that are rusting as soon as you look at them ! lol (seriously then often start to rust during the time of a session).

From a personal experience, I hooked so many good size fishes thanks to stingers that my mind is made, the ethical issue is not much of a prob as 90% of my estuary fishes are chucked back, if one happens to be badly injured every now and then it is bad luck, either keep it or if undersized, it will be food for crabs and prawns, my footprint remains quite small overall :)

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