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Cairns Report


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Hey riaders, I have been a long time reader and fish the bay reguraly so always reading the bay reports.

So its my time to give back!!!

End of June I was in Cairns and convinced the family that two days fishing was a must. Don't ask how I pulled this off but I managed to get a half day private charter as a feeler and then a full day private charter to top of our trip.

So first charter was around Trinity inlet and the harbour at Cairns, the company we went with allowed us to go crabbing as well at our request.

So of early at 7am, we caught some live bait but due to the super moon the prawns had moved on so we went for some fish instead. After netting some live bait we dropped of the crab pots around 8am and move to a few locations dropping livies.

We got lots of hits but not many takes, my theory is with the super moon and high tides the water was dirty and the fish where a bit timid.

It got to 11.30 and bang one rod bent over my little mate was onto a solid trevally!!!!

Interesting fact the guide wanted to use it for bait for something bigger but I managed to wrangle it from him to put on the table....


So it was nearing close time of the first charter and although the fishing was slow the scenery was just epic fishing in the rain forest so it was certainly an extreme unreal trip!

We checked the pots on the way back and there where some nice crabs in the pots but only females and one undersize male so had to go back.


So first charter over and speaking to the guide he decided on a day the following week to hit another spot for the full day charter where the queenies where coming on the bite.

So 6.30 am in the morning the following week the guide picked us all up in his boat and we drove for about an hour out of Cairns dropped the boat in the water and went chasing some live bait.

After about a half hour we where chock full of sardines and chucked out some baits and sat back to a coffee ready in wait.

After a short while bang the rod went over and we where into our first fish a wolf herring!!! The fish put up a good fight but came over pretty easily, we made sure not grab this one to quickly due its name "wolf" you can see why!

The guide was insistent on keeping it for reef bait so we obliged as I didn't want to mess it with it to much lol :)!


So wolf herring over the rack and stocked for bait we continued pulling in fish over the day in total we got one trevally, a whiting and three queen fish going 65cm, 67cm and a decent 75cm's as you can see below -

The 75cm Queen Fish (Biggest Of The Day) -

Days Haul After Giving One Queen Fish To The Skipper -


So all in all, we averaged about a fish every 2 hours on the full day charter a fish every hour would even be hotter fishing but you get that and the scenery + location fishing really became a second part to the over all journey!!

Planning on getting back up there again but will take my own boat this time and have a crack on our own!

Planning on doing a 4wd trip up to the tip with the boat stopping along the way so should be epic!

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Not a bad day there mate. We went on (probably) the same charter a couple of weeks ago. There were two people on the boat who hadn't ever caught a fish before....my mrs and a ten year old lad. Both of them landed two fish each while the rest of us fishos didn't even get a touch! Just small grunters and a toadie but they were happy as hell.

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