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Young fisho's report


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I have learning bits and pieces in the last few months from this site, but this is my first fishing report.

No, actually my son's.

Here it goes...

Catch of the Day

Yesterday, Dad and I (and also our budgerigar, Cheeky) went to Bobbin Head to do some fishing. At first, we casted for about an hour near a pontoon. Birds flew above our heads and the sun beat down, like a hammer. Rushes of wind passed through the valley, but did not disturb our great day. We began with a few taps, but gradually they all disappeared. We packed up our belonging and left for our usual spot (which is near a bridge). We casted for a few hours until boredom struck our brains, like a sudden shock of thunder. Gradually, the sun became hotter and almost melted our complexions. I could see beads of sweat running freely down my Dads face. We decided to leave for home, so Dad set to work, packing up our rods.

After Dad finished packing up two of our three rods, I went and peered into the water to see if there was anything of interest. Nope. All I could see was rocks, small fish, weeds and more rocks. I turned to leave, but something suddenly caught my eyes. I peered back into the water and saw a crab, motionless. But this was not any type of crab, it was a mud crab! I called my Dad to come quickly. He saw the crab and told me to use our remaining rod to lure the crab with the bait, while he thought of a contraption which would make that crab our dinner.

Without daring to make a sudden movement, my leg screamed for me to move, but I fought back the urge and waited for Dad to come up with a plan. After a few more minutes, Dad rushed towards me holding our landing net, half of our longest rod and some cable ties. He then fastened the net to the end of the fishing rod. All we had to do now was to tangle the crab in the net.

Dad climbed down onto a small stone ledge, so he could reach the crab. His first attempt to tangle the crab in the net failed, but the second time he was lucky. The netting had successfully tangled the crab, and as Dad hauled in our catch, three people sitting on a kayak congratulated us for our catch.

Later we inspected the crab and noticed that it had a few indents in its shell and that there was a small oyster on one of its claws. The meat tasted quite old, so we suspect it was quite an ancient crab we caught.

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Hi, my name is Justin and I am 11 years old. I am using my dad's account to write my response to you all. I would like to thank you for the time you spent, reading and commenting. I may write another story and post it here in the future. Here is a picture of the crab we caught in the end.

Thanks again for reading,



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Great report young fella, very descriptive!

See the lengths us dads go to, too make sure you have a great day! Better luck on the fishing next time boys!

Cheers scratchie!!!

Thank you for your encouraging comment. My dad surely worked hard to make sure that I had a great day.


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Wonderful write up and very descriptive and nicely written!

Better luck next time, I'm sure you will catch a few so keep on trying.


I'm sure that I'll keep trying to catch something big. Thank you for the encouragement.


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