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Hi all, have caught these thing of the stones in the dark. I know them as Beardies, but have heard them called ling and/or bearded cod. Im wondering if they are they poisonous? My father got barbed by what he called an "eel tailed fish". It gave him cold sweats for two days, and it took 6 months for his finger to return to a normal size so he could wear his ring again (nasty stuff!) To me, this fish fits the discription, so i dont touch them, which results in alot of lost tackle. Wondering if anyone knows for sure whether or not they are poisonous?!?!


(the photo isnt mine, i dont have a pic, so i got this of the net. I beleive it will surfice)


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Have caught quite a few over the years, they are called Beardies or Ling. They are not true Ling. Scientific name is Lotella callarias.

Have handled these many times, never been stung or spiked, and have never eaten them either, just unhook them and send them back swimming. Supposed to be edible.

The 'eel tailed' fish is probably a catfish, have poisonous spikes and should not be handled, as evidenced by your father's spiking. These are cut off and sent back. Google the web to find what they look like, and there are a few different types.

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