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Any ideas?


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Hey guys,

So I've been going to my cousins place at cottage point and fishing off his boat just tied at the jetty. I put a spot light onto the water from the boat and it attracts alot of mullet and other small baitfish. Every time I go, huge breams (40cm+) and what look like big mullet possibly, come from under the boat and grab the bait fish and go straight back under.

I've tried everything to get these guys, from plastic, blades, spinners, bait - pillies and squid - but nothing works they are just not interested.

I'm thinking the only way is to get a live mullet.

Any ideas?


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Once you catch yourself some of the live bait try using it with just a hook straight onto your leader, if they are straight down you shouldn't need any weight and the livie will move around naturally.

If he moves around too much and starts to hide you might need something to pin him in his place though. Play around and see how it goes, either way, I agree that catching what they are eating is the key.

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