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long reef mixed bag 11/08/13


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hi raiders,

got a call from my mate mick sat n told me that were going out to longy sunday. pick him up around 530am sunday n got to the marina before 6am. on the water before 7am and headed to longy. got pillys/stripeys/prawns/squid for bait. hit the 1st spot n drifted. we were targeting snapper due to one of micks mate caught some 2-3kg snapper a couple of days earlier. in 4hrs we drifted in 4 spots and landed snapper/morwong/flattys/red rock cod/wrasse/lj/sweep. decided to try out some zman plastics and caught a couple of fish. we only lost a couple of rigs to the jackets. 1st time i didnt lose a sinker. i decided to use 20lb mono n 20lb leader which probably worked the best because i caught most of the fish.

the last 2hrs was pretty quiet. we were only catching pike/wrasse so we headed back to the marina around 2pm. it was an excellent day out there. not much swell/wind.

took my high school best mate on his 2nd fishing adventure and he caught more fish this time. he even had double hook ups on his rod.

thank you very much mick and dennis for taking us out to longy.



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Did all the fish hook them selfs on the circle hooks? also because you were using circles did you get many hooks come up empty (without bait?) reason im asking is because i want to know how effective they can be when bottom bouncing . thank you

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