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Downrigger Advice?


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Looking at purchasing a Scotty 1050 from the states but would like some confirmation that this would be the best choice for boat and situation.

I have a reconditioned 4.5 Lazeabout Quintrex and do most of my fishing around botany bay heads and Sydney harbour heads, but would like to lift my game when it comes to fishing for kingfish which is the reason for me purchasing the downrigger, I will be slow trolling squid and yakkas on the downrigger. so would this model be suitable for type of fishing I will be doing?

Cheers Tom

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Wow small world!

I also have a lazeabout with a 1050 i use outside and in the harbour an it is a gem. Got it for 160 delivered and best bang for buck i have bought for the boat.

I use an 8lb bomb that i got off gumtree and mounted it at the rear corner starboard side on a piece of cutting board.

Only problem is stopping hoodies in 20m of water at north head!

Hope this helps.


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Guest Aussie007

depends if u have a railing in this case u might need a clamp on downrigger, i have a cannon lake troll ive been using for 3 years in salt water other than a season greasing its worked beautiful, the depth gauge can get a little off if the gears inside of the pully on the end of the boom arnt greased

i changed my stainless steel wire to 100lb white braid works much better i also hang a 8lb bomb off it but have found 3-4lb has more success in hook ups probably due to the less weight on the bait when a fish takes it

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