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Barramundi in Sydney Harbour Friday 24 August!

The Rev

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Before I start this post it needs to be said – I am an Anglican minister – so I believe in miracles! And this was an interesting day – but not quite what you may be wondering… Baramundi in Sydney Harbour? Think more Jesus multiplying five loaves and two fish to feed a crowd. We are in miracle territory today.

We set out at 6:30am from Manly boat ramp on Friday morning (my day off). I live not far from there and always go out from this ramp. We started in North Harbour fishing for bream and Trevally and only managed one bream in the high twenties. With my wife counting on a feed when we got back he went into the esky. My mate Tony had a great hook up and run but inexperience cots him a good fish at the boat. After being there for an hour without too much action we moved to Sow & Pigs. With a large high tide coming in – our floated un-weighted prawn baits just wouldn’t sit down in the burley trail and as soon as the line feed stopped – they floated up to the surface due to the run of the water. Blow! I have fished there a bit and experienced this a bit – you need to get the boats sinking down with the burley to get fish and if you weight your bait up – you get endless lost tackle. Been there before for a lot of frustration. So the call comes time to move. High tide was at 9:45am and I wanted to make sure we had a good burley trail set as we approached it so me moved.

We motored over to Middle Head – but same problem with the tidal flow. The westerly was now well and truly up so we made the call to move again – this time to inside Dobroyd near the Shacks. We got there and all looked promising. Clean air as we were protected from the wind and only one other boat that was squidding. Well after an hour we managed only 1 keeper. A nice Leatherjacket along with a sergeant baker (Great for making fish stock for all the cooks out there. They have great flesh just millions of bones!). Plenty of small snapper but nothing else worth writing home about.

It was now 9:35am and feeling somewhat defeated – we headed in to Balmoral. Coffee and Breakfast at the new boatshed beckoned and my mate offered to shout! So over we went. The wind had dropped by now and as we slowed in the no wash zone and began to motor past the boats, an empty mooring beckoned. I thought high tide – let’s have one more shot. Well after a hot session right on the high tide we managed 9 Trevally in 30 minutes – 6 were 31-35cm keepers. Happy days I though as we motored the rest of the way in to the boat shed at Balmoral.

After ordering food and coffee I went to check the boat. And this is when the miracles started! I went to check the boat was ok before food appeared and after checking all was ok – Tony materializes with a barramundi in his hand – still flapping!!!. He then stoops down and plucks another one out of bucket. Now understand – he is at the back of the restaurant, I am a minister, and I think he has pinched them from the kitchen. Oh dear – not a good look and he is calling to me – get the esky ready. Kitchen staff are about 5 meters away and I am thinking Tony – what are you doing! All was not what it seemed. He then proceeded to tell me that the Tender boat at the Boat Shed had been helping with a Japanese photo shoot on the harbour out the front of Balmoral. Can yo believe this - They were using live barramundi! The must have been ones that are imported down from up north for the restaurants. The photo shoot had finished and the boat driver said help yourself – just leave me one! He is still in the bucket to prove it. So there you go – 2 barramundi caught at Sydney Harbour, out of a bucket – by hand! I never thought I would see that in winter in Sydney Harbour. There is a God and miracles still happen!


The Rev

Ps - the first photo is back at Manly boat ramp. The second the last Barramundi still trying to live in the bucket. The third is the catch for the day and the last - Breakfast at Balmoral Boat Shed - I can recommend it!





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That's a great story and the breakfast looks great! Is that a holy beer on the table? We all need a refreshment! :)

Cheers scratchie!!!

Yes - it was a great brunch and yes with a holy beer. That's my mate Tony - always celebrating!

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Well done Rev,

The lord does work in strange ways and often has a great sense of humour !

So now all you have to do is explain to the missus how you were able to either:

1. Turn Bream into Barramundi or

2. Buy the barramundi without parting with any cash

You'll have to do some fast talking there...

...unless Tony did the bolt with BOTH barra leaving you with the rest of the catch...

..but I doubt he would do that bcos you would then dob him into the entire concregation next Sunday...

With your luck mate, next weekend they will be doing a photoshoot on lobsters....


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Nice story and great haul of fish Rev!

The Lord has looked upon you favourably and you have reaped your reward with a nice catch.... your prayers have been answered!!

Go now in peace and keep up the nice work.

Well done.


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