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struggling in the hawkesbury


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Hey guys, 1st off id like to say thank you to everyone for all the great advice people have given me on this site since i joined, i wouldnt of caught nearly as many fish if i hadnt been on here.

so hears the problem, Myself and my brother usually hit the hawkesbury and cowen creek area, usually we bait fish with live yakkas fresh/live squid, salted pillies and yabbies, but have been getting donuts of late, we burly hard hit spots that should produce and we get nothing.

laterly we have done alright trolling lures around barrenjoey heads and flicking twisters and blades at the rocks around lion island but only for salmon and small tailor. we also hit west reef last week with soft plastics only to get chewed to bits by leather jackets and sargent bakers.

so really im just wondering if we are actually doing the right things or if its because there are just no fish in the system any more??

we are seriously thinking of a move to lack macquaire, to try our luck there.

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