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Bate Bay again


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Headed out for a flattie drift in Bate Bay this morning, caught them in a couple of hours.

Also released a few undersize blue spots , and a few undersized tigers.

Not much wind and not much swell. Did not see any fish jumping, or any birds working the bay area.


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No point starting a new post.

Headed out today (2nd September) for another drift in Bate Bay.

Drifted for some time before even a bite, noticed there were a few dolphins about. Eventually found a few tiger flatties, then a couple of dolphins swam under and around the boat for a while and the bites stopped.

Moved a few times to get away from them, but it was a while between bites, and after 9am, all bites stopped, including the little spikies. On the last drop, pulled up a jacket just under the 40cm mark, the only jacket bite of the day, so headed home.

Kept 5 flatties to 43cm, one was a blue spot and the others were tigers. Also released under sized tigers, some as small as about 25cm, smallest I have ever caught, and 1 small nannygai.

Just nothing in some patches, so maybe the trawlers have been in the area.

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Good catch Yowie, I gave it a go in Bate Bay on Saturday. All I managed was some undersized spikies. But, I was in close in (West of the line of the bommie) as I had a boat full of female deck hands.

May try a little wider on the weekend.

The bigger ones are further out, no need to go further than a line south of the Kurnell Lighthouse.

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Hi yowie

I fished bait bay Saturday afternoon for 24 flatties (3of us fishing) and a monster leather jacket going just on 54 cm.

Would of been nice out there today!

That was a good catch, you only left me a few !

A big jacket as well.

Not too much swell or wind today. I hooked up a small slimy mackerel from the bottom, so maybe that's why the dolphins were about.

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Was out last Sunday,

Tried Jibbon for a Squid donut.

Headed around the corner towards the cliffs past the bommie drifting for a couple of flatties about 45cm.

Came back in off Shelley beach in about 28m for a few drifts and picked up 4 more flatties ranging from 45-65cm .

Last drift got me a Gummy shark.

All in all a good day and plenty of fillets for the family and friends.

Squid heads and wings locally caught and frozen for bait.



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