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game fishing gear.


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Gday all been a long time between post (mainly due to a slow winters fishing). Im after some advise on game fishing gear. About a year ago I took on fellow member bruce b as he was looking for a mentor and since then we have become good mates fishing most weekend out of his 490 stacer. And most times talking about how nice it would be to go wider and chase some big fish jigging the outta reefs and trolling/drifting for tuna and marlin. Then at the boat show bruce decided it was time and has boight him self a 615 bar crusher which he will soon be picking up.

NOw my question for you all is what gear are we going to need to chase marlin and tuna out of sydney? Coming into its mostly the marlin gear im asking about. I have a tld50 and a handful of jigging combos for pitching live baits at them but the trolling gear is where we are falling short. We are thinking tlds dont wanna spend on tiagras just yet so for a spread of 4 lure what would you guys be running? I was thinking 2 tld50s spooled with 24kg and 2 tld25s spooled with 15kg probably matched with backbones. Are the 25s going to be enough to handle sydney marlin? Or are we better off just running 50s with 24kg?

Also any tips on what skirts to run would be appreciated. Cheers ollie.

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Hi ollie,

I'm no expert and have just started collecting gear myself for the upcoming season. From the advise I've been given, your 50w with 24kg is the go! I picked up a tyrnos 50 spooled with 24kg last year for about $400 and it got results! As for lures or skirts, check out the scent blazer collection from this site.

Cheers scratchie!!!

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Yeahs the not to be rude but if you hook a blue it will spool you. Tld 50 is ok to start a mate got a 150 kg black a yr back on his tld and it done the job. The way I see it is when you finally hook up the last thing you want is the fish to smoke you on it's first run, so it's better to spend a little more and upgrade those 25s to 50s . Don't have to run 24, I'd run a 15 as shot gun and you will get better chance for a hook up in my opinion . Cheers Evan

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